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According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., about 58,000 highrise condominium units were built in Toronto in the decade starting in 1984, and are ever increasing at a significant rate, just drive around anywhere downtown, and your bound to see new developments in progress.

Now,  those aging units might be starting to look a little old. A little tired. In other words, they need a condo reno.

If your condominium or townhome is in need of some work, making some smart renovations will usually yield a good return on your investment. And doing some work on your condominium or townhome prior to listing can be a great way to get your unit looking its best and to help you sell faster and for more money. But before you get started on any renovations or repairs there are a few things that you should think about first:

Access the inherent value of the area, because you never want to be the most expensive unit, if all the other units are similiar to yours, so unfortunately, many renovations do not justify themselves. They fail to increase either the speed with which your home sells or the selling price of your home by very much. You must always plan any enhancements, and upgrades first, and then spend some time to access whether they are appropriate for your needs.


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Do the renovation results look professional? Painting your condominium can be a great way to make it more saleable, but only if the finished product looks really sharp. Buyers will not pay more for a poorly applied paint job. Lines must be smooth and finishes must be even. Similarly, an uneven or poorly laid tile job will wind up costing you time and money.

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