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Ceramic Tiles Toronto Ceramic Backsplash Toronto Kitchen Backsplash Toronto

The various Materials, now available for countertops and back splashes have greatly increased in  cost, variety, grade and styling, and in fact, substantially more than materials for flooring, for example. Many of the high end ceramic pieces used are custom molded “shapes,” trim pieces, including bull nose, and can come in a seemingly, unlimited assortment of styles and designs. Trim pieces are always sold by the piece. You would have to consider all the counter edges, the ends of the splashes and the bull nose pieces needed at window sills . . . to say nothing about decorative borders, listels, liners, and other inserts. The costs can and will add up pretty quick, if your not careful, and depending on the goals of your project, you should get several renovation estimates, or at the very least, spend a reasonable amount of time planning out your objectives.

When you are designing your backsplash, keep in mind that electrical outlets and switches have to be negotiated and that they are often in the path of the border or liner you want to use. You should always plan the border to run under these obstacles. Borders and liners installed above electrical outlets will often be lost from view because of the upper cabinets.

Generally speaking, borders should never run through obstacles. Nor should decorative tiles be cut. If you would have to cut them to get them in, omit them instead. The finished product will look much cleaner and more professionally done.

On some of the newer custom projects, the outlets and switches are installed on the undersides of the upper cabinets where they are out of site completely. It makes them a little hard to find when you need them, but it vastly improves the appearance of the backsplash. If you are building a new home or changing your kitchen cabinets, you should consider this option.  For advice and help with planning your project in an organized manner, with the least amount of uneccessary worry, contact Toronto Cabinet.  (416 833 8084 Cathy Pang).


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Ceramic Toronto Backsplash Toronto Kitchen backsplash Toronto

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