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There are a lot of DIY ‘s who despite being very capable, can run into serious problems when implementing thier projects… From the planning stage, to actual installation, can be rather complicated and result in cost over runs, and nasty surprises. More than a few homeowners in the GTA area look at their existing cabinetry and think to themselves that they may be able to perform new kitchen cabinet installation on their own. After all, from all appearances the installation of these units does not appear to be  overly complicated, and should be easy to accomplish. Not so….  With a level and a screw gun they can get those upper kitchen cabinetry hung, they think. Well, it is true that cabinet hanging is something that can generally be done with available standard tools that many homeowners and do it yourselfers have in their garages. But to come out with a great result, this work requires more than a fair amount of experience abd skill. Getting a 36 inch upper cabinet to perfectly line up with the one next to it, while also perfectly running cabinet screws through the back of the box and into wall studs, will require lots of skill and patience. ( don’t forget…there’s also the plumbing, lighting, perhaps some drywall enhancements, appliance hookups, trim, flooring, ……… )

To the beginner it often seems like you need about five hands to do the job. Yet an expert Toronto Kitchen Cabinetry installer of kitchen cabinets can do it all by himself, and do it well. Figuring out exactly how to join the frames of  kitchen cabinets so that their fronts are all perfectly flush can be rather challenging. For all the money we end up spending on the birch cabinets themselves, the additional investment in guaranteed professional installation is well worth it if you’re not completely comfortable doing it yourself. The higher end Cabinets can be easily ruined, or costly to repair if mistakes are made. Even base cabinetry presents quite a tough task because of the need to level the box tops in all directions to prepare for the countertops to be installed. So it is usually best for homeowners to go ahead and figure installation into the cost of their Toronto kitchen cabinets.


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