Bad Home reno

Here’s some tips on what to prioritize to help prevent a bad home renovation:

1. Visually inspect your home. Check around the exterior of your house and make a list of anything that concerns you, especially foundation cracks and puddling water. Then spend $150 to have a contractor diagnose the problem. You don’t need to have the money for the repairs right away, but you should at least be aware of what needs to be done so you can prepare.

2. Establish an adequate maintenance budget. If you don’t have any money set aside for emergencies , then start saving for one. When faced with a repair, get free quotes so you know what to expect to pay for the job. And if you can’t seem to keep on top of maintenance, budget for seasonal help. Overlooking regular maintenance will only end up costing you more money down the road.

3. Use common  sense. If something looks/feels/smells bad, or appears to be discoloured and just doesn’t seem right, it could indicate a problem that will only get worse. If you’re unsure of why it is the way it is, then hire a professional to correctly assess the situation.

4. Planning is very important, and clearly establish the scope of your project. Stick to your  budgets, and keep within your needs, and what is reasonable to do…. Know what you’re comfortable doing. If you’re unsure of how to undertake a repair, don’t even try. A bad DIY job can end up costing you much more in the long run than hiring someone to do it properly, the first time.

Worst renovation mistakes.

5. A priority should always be to maintain your roof. Know how long your roof is designed to last, which is usually from 15 – 30 years. If it looks bad, then it probably is. And even when your roof looks fine, if you know it’s at the end of its life, replace it. It will be a much more expensive job if you wait.

Avoid bad renos.

6. Don’t ignore water leaks and loose fitting doors and windows. Some repairs pay for themselves over time. Hot water leaks, for example, are money straight down the drain. The same goes for draughty doors, windows and attics that let heat escape. The sooner you fix these problems, the sooner you start to save money.

For some really bad renovations,  photo’s can be viewed at Bad renovation photos.

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