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About Sonya's Beauty Products and Gifts

At Sonya's Beauty Products, we understand that buying cosmetics is about
having choices. That's why we carry a broad range of brands and products.
Your  Beauty Cosmetician provides a variety of beauty solutions for a range of
problems and a variety of people, all in a uniquely friendly and professional
style. Our products are the perfect gift for any occasion including Christmas
and of course Valentines Day
Sonya sells name-brand perfume at discount prices.
Phone (905) 619-2550 from 9am to 7pm to set up a appointment
You can visit our showroom, or purchase online. We can ship anywhere in
Canada. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
We also service Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill,
Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, Hamilton and Oshawa (and online
across Canada).
Some of our  brands are:  Armani Azzaro Baby Phat Balla  Bob Mackie Boucheron Britney
Spears Bulgari Burberry Byblos Cabotine Cacharel Caesars Calvin Klein Candie's
Carolina  Cartier Celine Dion  Chanel Chloe Chopard Christian Dior Clinique Davidoff
Diesel DKNY Dolce & Gabbana Drakkar Dunhill  Platinum Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth
Taylor Escada Esprit Estee Lauder Extravagance Fendi Ferrari Fred Hayman Gianfranco
Ferre Giorgio Beverly Hills Givenchy Gucci Guerlain Halston Hanae Mori Hei Hermes
Hugo Boss Isabella Rossellini Issey Miyake Jacomo de Jacomo Jean Patou Jean Paul
Gaultier Jean-Louis Vermiel Jennifer Lopez Jill Sander John Varvatos Joop Karl
Lagerfeld Kenneth Cole Kenzo Kouros Krizia La Perla Lacoste Lancome Lanvin Laura
Biagiatti Laura Biagiotti Lise Watier Liz Claiborne Lolita Lempicka Marc Jacobs  Michael
Germain Michael Korj Mont Blanc Montana Moschino Mugler Nautica Nicole Miller Nina
Ricci Omber Rose Oscar De La Renta Paco Rabanne Paloma Picasso Paris Hilton Perry
Ellis Quorum Ralph Lauren Remy Latour Roberto Cavalli Rocco Barocco Rochas Royal
Doulton Rumba Salvadore Dali Salvadore Ferragano Samsara Sarah Jessica Parker
Silver Jeans Sonia Swiss Army Tommy Hilfiger  Van Cleef & Arpels Vera Wang Versace
Vetyver Xeryus Yves Saint Laurent.

Phone (905) 619-2550 from 9am to 7pm for more info...

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Beauty Products Discount Perfume Colognes Fragrances Cosmetic Perfumery Discount Perfumes Discount Cosmetics Discount Colognes Low price
Name Brands
Beauty Products Discount Perfume Colognes Fragrances Cosmetic Perfumery Discount Perfumes Discount Cosmetics Discount Colognes Low price Gift - Gifts

Discount Perfume Colognes Fragrances Cosmetic - Perfumery - Discount Perfumes - Discount Cosmetics Discount Colognes - Low price Name Brand

Perfume Size List Price Our Price
Alfred Sung
Forever125 ml$45$42
Pure100 ml$85$42
Shi100 ml$95$42
untitled100 ml$90$42
Anais100 ml$95$61
Anna Sui
untitled75 ml$80$45
Aqua Di Gio100 ml$120$65
Emporio100 ml$110$70
Emporio White100 ml$110$70
Mania50 ml$85$51
Sensi100 ml$120$70
  different size50 ml$89$45
Azzura100 ml$51$45
Baby Phat
Goddess100 ml$89$61
Balla Versai
Tribu100 ml$25$10
Bob Mackie
Perhaps100 ml$75$42
untitled100 ml$75$42
Initial100 ml$85$61
Jaipur100 ml$96$70
Trouble100 ml$95$61
untitled100 ml$95$61
Britney Spears
Bulgari (aka Bvlgari, Bulgary)
B.L.V75 ml$90$55
untitled100 ml$85$51
London100 ml$99$55
Tender Touch50 ml$90$61
New One100ml$76$51
untitled100 ml$85$51
Degress100 ml$85$51
Pastel100 ml$87$51
Amor Amor100 ml$102$65
  different size50 ml$105$65
Noa100 ml$110$70
  different size50 ml$85$45
  different size100ml$120$70
untitled100 ml$90$61
Calvin Klein
Contradiction100 ml$105$61
Escape100 ml$95$61
Eternity Moments100 ml$110$65
  different size50 ml$90$45
Eternity Perfume100 ml$95$61
Eternity Purple Orchid100ml$70$55
Obsession100 ml$95$70
Opium100 ml$105$70
Truth100 ml$95$55
untitled100 ml$61$35
Carolina Herrera
212100 ml$90$61
Chic80 ml$86$55
untitled100 ml$90$61
So Pretty100 ml$125$75
Celine Dion
untitled100 ml$105$42
  different size50 ml$61$31
1881100 ml$105$70
Allure100 ml$120$80
Chance100 ml$120$85
  different size50 ml$89$51
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle100 ml$120$85
Cristalle100 ml$120$80
No. 19100 ml$120$80
No. 5 Perfume100 ml$120$80
No. 5 Toilet100 ml$95$70
Narcisse100 ml$80$42
untitled100 ml$70$42
  different sizenot specified$80$45
Casmir100 ml$105$75
  different size50 ml$85$61
Madness75 ml$61$31
Wish75 ml$75$55
Christian Dior
Addict100 ml$120$85
  different size50 ml$75$55
Dolce Vita100 ml$105$80
Dune50 ml$86$55
  different size100 ml$120$75
Hypnotic Poison50 ml$85$51
J' Love Dior50 ml$65$55
J'Adore100 ml$110$85
  different size50 ml$70$51
Miss Dior100 ml$130$85
Poison100 ml$105$70
Pure Poison50 ml$85$55
  different size100 ml$120$85
Tender Poison100 ml$120$75
Aromatics Elixir100 ml$95$65
Happy100 ml$120$70
Simply50 ml$70$45
Cool Water100 ml$105$55
  different size100 ml$86$51
Good Life100 ml$93$61
Green75 ml$45$25
White-Red-Green75 ml$45$25
untitled100 ml$120$80
Dolce & Gabbana
Feminine100 ml$95$65
Light Blue100 ml$135$85
  different size50 ml$89$51
Sicily100 ml$130$61
untitled100 ml$105$61
  different size50 ml$70$45
Elizabeth Arden
5th Avenue125 ml$80$42
Green Tea100 ml$45$25
Provocative Woman100 ml$86$51
Red Door100 ml$80$42
Splendor125 ml$45$25
Sunflower100 ml$45$25
True Love100 ml$65$42
Elizabeth Taylor
Diamonds & Emeralds100ml$35$15
White Diamonds100 ml$80$42
Megnetism100 ml$110$61
Original100 ml$95$61
Sentiment75 ml$97$51
Gift Setnot specified$35$15
Estee Lauder
Beautiful75 ml$105$70
Dazzling Gold75 ml$105$70
Dazzling Silver75 ml$105$70
Knowing75 ml$130$85
Pleasures100 ml$135$85
D'Amarige100 ml$105$61
Theorema100 ml$68$31
untitled100 ml$75$35
Fred Hayman
27375 ml$70$45
Gianfranco Ferre
Ferre100 ml$140$80
Gieffeffe200 ml$160$100
No. 20100 ml$140$80
Giorgio Beverly Hills
Red90 ml$95$45
untitled90 ml$90$45
Wings100 ml$80$51
  different size100 ml$105$61
  different size100ml$97$61
Ange ou Démon100 ml$120$75
Givenchy100 ml$85$61
  different size50 ml$61$42
Hot Couture100 ml$130$70
  different size100 ml$105$70
Very Irresistible75 ml$95$61
  different size50 ml$80$45
Ysatis100 ml$95$61
Accenti100 ml$70$42
Eau De Perfume75 ml$105$61
Envy100 ml$130$70
No. 11not specified$90$61
No. 3120 ml$95$65
  different size75 ml$115$80
Shalimar75 ml$80$45
Champs Élysées100 ml$61$35
L'instant50 ml$61$42
  different size100 ml$90$61
Mahora100 ml$85$61
untitled100 ml$65$31
Hanae Mori
Hanae Mori100 ml$120$65
24 Faubourg100 ml$120$70
Rouge100 ml$120$70
Hugo Boss
Boss Intense100 ml$95$55
Boss Woman90 ml$95$55
Hugo75 ml$90$61
  different size125 ml$95$61
Hugo Deep Red90 ml$95$55
Isabella Rossellini
Manifesto75 ml$61$35
Issey Miyake
untitled50 ml$85$61
  different size100 ml$130$80
Jean Patou
Jean Patou 100090 ml$140$75
Sublime100 ml$140$75
Jean Paul Gaultier
Silver Jeansnot specified$61$25
untitled50 ml$88$61
  different size100 ml$135$80
Jean-Louis Vermiel
Limited Edition75 ml$85$55
  different size50 ml$61$42
Jennifer Lopez
Glow100 ml$90$61
Jennifer Lopez100 ml$95$55
Love at First Glow100ml$97$55
Jill Sander
No. 4100 ml$100$61
untitled100 ml$106$80
untitled100 ml$85$51
Karl Lagerfeld
Sun Moon & Stars100 ml$61$35
Kenneth Cole
Black100 ml$110$51
untitled100 ml$85$55
Flower50 ml$61$45
  different size100 ml$95$65
Perfume d'ete100 ml$95$65
untitled100 ml$85$55
La Perla
Creations100 ml$120$61
EDP100 ml$120$61
Femme100 ml$105$61
Poeme100 ml$145$80
Tresor100 ml$120$80
Laura Biagiotti
Roma100 ml$85$55
Lise Watier
Neige100 ml$90$61
Liz Claiborne
Curve100 ml$45$31
Realities100 ml$65$31
untitled100 ml$45$31
Vivid100 ml$61$35
Lolita Lempicka
Perfume100 ml$120$65
Marc Jacobs
untitled100 ml$110$70
Marcella Borghese
Il Bacio100 ml$100$65
Michael Germain
Sexual75 ml$89$51
Michael Korj
untitled100 ml$85$55
Mont Blanc
Presence75 ml$55$51
Blu100 ml$65$42
untitled100 ml$65$42
Cheap and Chic50 ml$70$42
Couture100 ml$65$45
Gold EDT75 ml$51$31
L'eau50 ml$51$31
OH De Moschino75 ml$75$42
untitled75 ml$55$35
  different size50 ml$160$95
Innocent75 ml$135$75
Nicole Miller
untitled100 ml$75$42
Nina Ricci
L'air Du Temps100 ml$95$45
Love in Paris50ml$73$35
Premier Jour100 ml$75$45
Omber Rose
Oscar De La Renta
Intrusion100 ml$85$42
So100 ml$85$45
untitled100 ml$80$45
Volupte100 ml$45$31
Paco Rabanne
Ultraviolet100 ml$90$51
Paloma Picasso
untitled100 ml$160$85
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton100ml$89$45
Perry Ellis
360¦100 ml$80$42
360¦ Ladies Blue100 ml$70$42
360¦ Ladies Blue Perfume100 ml$70$42
Portfolio100 ml$61$31
Ralph Lauren
Blue125 ml$120$65
Glamorous100 ml$110$75
Polo Sport100 ml$105$61
  different size50 ml$130$75
Ralph50 ml$89$51
  different size100 ml$110$70
Romance100 ml$120$80
untitled50 ml$80$51
Roberto Cavalli
untitled75 ml$120$70
Rocco Barocco
untitled75 ml$70$45
Byzance100 ml$96$61
Royal Doulton
Doulton100 ml$95$55
Salvadore Dali
Laguna100 ml$97$61
untitled100 ml$95$55
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sonia Rykiel
Sonia Rykiel100 ml$89$61
Stella McCartney
untitled50 ml$140$80
Tommy Hilfiger
Freedom100 ml$95$61
Tommy Girl100 ml$96$65
  different size50 ml$56$45
Trussardi100 ml$120$61
Rumba100 ml$80$42
Van Cleef & Arpels
Murmure75 ml$85$45
Vera Wang
untitled100 ml$140$85
BE100 ml$65$42
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